Top 10 to do list before trip

Top 10 to do list before trip Below is a list of important things to do before you travel! 1-Make sure you inform your bank you are going away especially if going abroad or you might find your cards being blocked by your bank causing you major issues while away. 2-Make sure you take out travel insurance as vital if a anything was to happen to  you while away like an accident you need to be covered  just in case.  3- If you are planning on using your mobile phone(cell phone) you need to check what costs you will be charged to avoid a big  bill on your return. 4- Make sure you book you transfers on-line before you go away as will save you paying through the nose once you arrive at your destination. 5- Make sure you have all relevant paperwork ready and organised in your hand luggage so you can find easily. 6- Make sure you have a pen handy to fill out immigration forms. 7- Make sure you have checked for visa requirements. 8- Make sure you pack enough clothing in your hand luggage just in case the airline looses your bags in the hold you have enough for at least 2 days. 9-Make sure your luggage is not over the maximum weight allowance or could  be very expensive. 10- Always leave for airport with plenty of time to spare in case of traffic or unforeseen problems. Enjoy!  

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