Travelling Solo So you’re thinking of travelling alone for whatever reason, perhaps you have nobody else to travel with or you want to go alone to  be able to do what you want when you want but never done it before,your not sure what to expect if it’s safe to travel solo ,is it the right thing to do potentially travelling alone half way around the world by yourself  having to fly alone far away from family and friends it’s a very scary thought. Some may ask "Is it weird to travel alone" well I certainly don't believe so  but I believe you do have to be a certain type of person that is very independent and rather brave but once you go alone the first time  it just gets easier and easier and you start to think nothing of it when you travel the next time and the time after that,(I travel alone and love it).
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The first decision you have to make is what kind of holiday are you looking for action,adventure,city break,cruise,or maybe you just want a beach and a pool somewhere hot to sit and work on your tan and read a book. You also probably do not want to pay the earth on single supplements which can be excessive but I will give you some tips and advise on where to go to get some great deals. As a bit of a veteran I can be your travel advisor and  I will offer suggestions and point you in the right direction to best places to travel solo, how to travel alone and share experiences from myself and others to give you a taste of why you should stop thinking about it and like the website title hints “just go solo”!!

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